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Melbourn at Swavesey County Junior Squash Friendlies

Some of our Melbourn juniors took part in a Junior Inter-Club friendly get-together this weekend, held at Swavesey Squash Club. 
Alistair and Louis Oppen representing Melbourn had the opportunity of playing other similarly levelled and improving juniors from Peterborough, Comberton and Swavesey squash clubs for some friendly games. The afternoon attracted a number of keen juniors (girls & boys) who all had a go at testing themselves against each other on the court. 
Alistair and Louis enjoying watching a game in progress...
Great to see the Melbourn tops being worn with pride!

Louis in action preparing to receive serve...
...Alistair on the hunt for a tricky high backhand return

Louis holding the tee nicely! 

All in all it was an excellent afternoon of squash for all the juniors that took part. The biscuits went down well too! Thanks goes out to Swavesey Squash Club for organising!
Cambs Junior Development is holding another junior friendly series, being held at Peterborough SC on Sunday 22nd January 2022 (time t.b.c.)