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New Internal Leagues - 22nd November to 26th December

Hello Everyone,

The new leagues are now published.
As we are now back close to the pre-Covid numbers in the leagues, we want to revert to typical league format with promotion/relegation as follows:
1st place - up 2 divisions
2nd place - up 1 division
3rd place - remain unchanged
4th place - down 1 division
5th place - down 2 divisions
Therefore we have now amended the leagues to default to 5 players per league and for the next leagues (27th December), we propose to follow the above promotion/relegation system.
Please feel free to give feedback on this plan and any other topic related to the internal leagues. For example, one topic is that for some divisions sometimes, not many games are being played, and we will reach out to try to understand if there are ways to support more activity.
Best regards
MVCSC Committee