Noticeboard Post

Using the Updated Noticeboard

The Noticeboard is now integrated with the main booking website.  Any logged in member can post notices to the noticeboard.

When viewing the Noticeboard, you will see a New Post item in the menu.  Click on this to create a new post.

Type a title and then the body of the post.

Optionally select one or more categories from the Categories list in the right hand sidebar.  You can create new categories if you wish.

If you only want logged in members to be able to see your post then check the Private post item.

If you click on Save in the right hand sidebar you will be able to click on Go To Post and see your post as it will be displayed to other users.  Once you are happy with your post you can click on the Publish button.  Your post will then be visible to other users.

You can edit your published post at any time and also un-publish it.

You can view all of your posts by clicking on the Your Posts menu item.  This will enable you to get to your unpublished posts.  To publish an unpublished post, click on the Edit button. To delete a post click on the Delete button.  A confirmation will be required before the post is deleted.