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Peterborough 1 vs Melbourn 1 (24th January 2024)

Melbourn lost 17-11

There was an element of After the Lord Mayor’s Show for Melbourn Squash Club 1sts last week as they were unable to back up a good opening win to the second half of the campaign. This side fell to an 11-17 away defeat at Peterborough 1sts, which was an intensely close match but also a slightly deflating outcome for Melbourn 7 days on from an away win at league leaders Hunts County.

There was next to nothing to choose between the players in all five strings, none of which were won in straight games. However at the end of things Melbourn only had two wins to their name, provided by Vinod Duraikan (3) and Miles Jeanneret (4) who won 3-1 and 3-2 against Courtey Burke and Tim Millintong respectively. Meanwhile Peterborough claim three wins as Matt Sampson (1) and Chris Shaw (2) both lost 3-2, Matt falling to longstanding rival Dan Soar whilst Chris, who played through injury to keep the order, fell to a shock-on-paper defeat to youngster Aiden Fillmore. The overall match went Peterborough’s way as they won the bottom string as well, Melbourn skipper Mark Oppen (5) falling 3-1 to Sean Michelson.

Defeat saw Melbourn drop two places to 8th in the Division 1 table.