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Preparing for New Leagues - starting 5th July

Dear All,

As we come to the end of the current leagues, it's time to think about the next ones, starting 5th July.
For guidance, please note:
  • The current leagues will end at midnight 4th July. The next leagues will be updated online on the morning of 5th July and will run to 8th August.
  • Except where someone has advised otherwise, it is assumed participants will remain for the next leagues.
  • There is function on the website where players can set their status with regard to being included in the leagues or not. Go to 'current league' and click the green 'Review League Status'.
  • To update scores on the website, again go to 'current league' and click directly on the league table to input the score, also following the guidance on scoring at the top of the page.
For anyone who wants to join the next leagues, please reach out by responding to this email, or update your 'status' as noted above.
Best regards
MVCSC Committee