Noticeboard - Light Controller Posts

Early Start

One light controller features that was disabled due to the Covid restrictions is Early Start

Early Start

If there is no-one playing on the court session that precedes yours, you can start up to 10 minutes early.  Your session will end at the normal time so you will get up to 50 minutes of squash.

If you key in your light control code within 10 minutes of your normal start time you will see a Start Now button.  Touch this to start immediately.

Or at any time within 10 minutes of your normal start time you can touch the region of rectangles for your court. (Left side for court 1, right side for court 2.) You will then see the Start Now button and you can touch it to start immediately.

Merging consecutive court sessions

By default there is a 10 second lights-off period between consecutive court sessions.  This can be inconvenient if you are wanting to play continuously over multiple sessions.  Therefore there is an option to merge a session with the previous session.


In the above image you can see four columns of rectangles.  The two columns on the left are the court 1 sessions for the day and the two columns on the right are the court 2 sessions for the day.  The rectangles coloured yellow are the current sessions.  (If the courts were in use they would be coloured green.)  The blue rectangles are activated courts - light controller codes have been successfully entered for these courts and the lights for these court sessions will automatically switch on and off at the appropriate times.

The areas occupied by the columns of rectangles are touch sensitive and can be used to view information about the activated courts.  If you touch the area occupied by the columns on the right you will see the start time for the first activated court.  If you touch this area again you will see the start time for the next activated court but you will also see an option to merge it with the previous court as in the image below.

The colour of the rectangle for this selected court session has temporarily changed to light blue.

If you now touch the Merge with previous button the lights-off period between the two sessions will be disabled.  After a few seconds the display will revert to the standard keyboard and the rectangles for the two courts sessions will have been merged into one as in the image below.


You can unmerge the sessions by repeating the procedure but this time you will see an UNMERGE from previous button as shown below.


Touch this button to reinstate the 10 second lights-off period between the two court sessions.

You can merge any number of consecutive court sessions this way so you can play continuously for any number of consecutive sessions.

Enlarging the current and remaining times

The LCD on the light controller shows the current time and date at the top centre. In the top left it shows the remaining time for court 1 and in the top right is shows the remaining time for court 2. 

Now I can't read these without my reading glasses which is not ideal if, between games, I want to quickly see how much time I've got left to play.  But there is a feature which allows these times to be displayed in a large font:

Simply touch the time that you want to see and it will be displayed for a few seconds enlarged in the centre of the display.